Discover Mt. Athos

Digital Pilgrimages

Pilgrimages were printed books that, in a convenient way, depicted the history, the objects of worship and the treasures of a pilgrimage site, operating as pilgrim's guide-books. Today, the Digital Pilgrimages serve the same purpose. By exploiting up-to-date information and communication technology tools, the Digital Pilgrimages open a digital window through which users may virtually tour and interactively discover and unfold the history of the Monasteries of Mount Athos in time and space. 

Athos Digital Pathways

By using up-to-date information and communication technology tools in order to present with an extensive photographical content the ancient paths of communication to be found in Mount Athos, the aim of the Digital Pathways application is to provide geospatial information regarding the geophysical terrain and the points of interest to the visitors of Mount Athos.